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At North Haven Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on our ability to personalize and individualize each funeral service so that it is a truly memorable experience and a fitting tribute. We offer many unique and special services that set us apart from other funeral homes. The way a person is remembered is as unique as the person him/herself. We listen carefully to what your wishes are and pay attention to every detail as we carry them out.

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Our Services

Burial Services

Burial or entombments in a mausoleum are just a couple of the choices available. Cost will vary, depending upon the type of funeral services and merchandise selected.

General Information

We are a full service funeral home offering burial, cremation, entombment services and worldwide shipping.

We will handle and assist in the procurement of the following benefits:
– State and Public Assistance
– Social Security
– Veterans Administration
– Railroad Retirement
– Grief Counseling

At the North Haven Funeral Home our staff takes great pride in easing a very heavy burden at a difficult time in ones life. We will handle every detail of the services with dignity and respect. Our facility offers three spacious parlors with the comfort and warmth of ones home.

Veterans Services

Our veterans deserve the utmost respect, and any veteran with an honorable discharge, regardless of financial means, or even those with no living family, will always be given full military honors and interment in a local, state, or national cemetery.

We will also complete all applications for any benefits to which a veteran or their family are entitled and eligible, including but not limited to: securing an American flag; military honors; headstone or marker and setting; monetary burial benefits and transportation; even family assistance from Connecticut’s Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Fund. If burial is in a veteran’s cemetery, a grave can also be reserved for a surviving spouse.

The local U.S. Regional Office is P.O. Box 310909, Newington, CT 06131. The phone number is 1-800-827-1000. If the veteran had life insurance coverage with Government National Life Insurance, please call 1-800-669-8477.

Cremation Services

Some families choose cremation over traditional burial. Cremation, like burial, is a manner of disposition and your choice of services before or after cremation is extensive. We are extremely flexible and will do whatever we can to fulfill your wishes.


Planning for the future is something that we do in quite a few areas of our lives. Yet, people are always asking us, “Why would someone preplan their funeral?” Now more than ever, it is important to plan ahead. Preplanning frees the surviving family from making decisions at a difficult time, and provides great peace of mind.

Preplanning also allows you to lock in funeral expenses at today’s costs. A complete price list is available upon request. In most situations, funds invested today, in compliance with Connecticut law, will be sufficient to cover the total cost of the funeral at the time of need.

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Feature And Benefits of Planning Ahead:
– Reduces emotional and financial difficulties at a time of need.
– Allows families time to discuss these important matters “together.”
– Leaves loved ones with guidance and answers, not questions.
– Is no less important than any other kind of planning that we do.
– Can guarantee funeral home costs against inflation…forever.
– Provides peace of mind.
– Transferable, should you permanently relocate.

Eligibility for public assistance a Connecticut resident is allowed to place up to $5400.00 in an irrevocable pre-need contract and enter into a revocable contract for “burial plot” items without affecting their eligibility.

Veteran Cemeteries

The nearest National Veterans Cemetery is in Bourne, Massachusetts. Burial is permited in any National Veterans Cemetery in the United States, depending on the availability of graves. There are also state or town veteran’s cemeteries. The nearest State Veteran Cemetery is in Middletown, Connecticut.

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